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Black Hills Milk Resumes Sales Following More Negative Campylobacter Tests

Oct 23, 2012 by Real Raw Milk Facts

Food Safety News
By Dan Flynn | October 23, 2012

The word customers were waiting for first went up on Facebook. “Milk is Available!” announced Black Hills Milk.

The raw milk began flowing yesterday in Spearfish, South Dakota and will become available today at the Farmers Market in Rapid City.

The South Dakota Department of Agriculture last week ordered Black Hills Milk to stop selling raw milk after Campylobacter bacteria was found in a test sample.

While the company complied with the state’s order, the action did create a controversy among state agricultural officials, Black Hills Milk and its customers. On Monday, however, the company was focused on getting back into business after being told by state officials that additional testing for the pathogen had come up negative.

“You will notice that your milk bottles look a little different from now on,” the Black Hills Milk announcement to customers said. “We are leaving a little space in the top of each bottle. This gap will allow for a flow of oxygen inside the bottle.”

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