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Minnesota Court Asked To Cut Number of Raw Milk Violations

Jan 04, 2013 by Real Raw Milk Facts

Food Safety News
By News Desk | January 4, 2013

The Minnesota farmer who was acquitted on charges of selling raw milk in Hennepin County last year now wants a court in Stearns County to throw out similar charges in that jurisdiction.

If successful, that would cut the number of charges Alvin Schlangen faces in Stearns County to just three, down from six. He will likely face another jury trial there in 2013.

A Hennepin County jury acquitted Schlangen last October of selling raw milk, operating without a food handler’s license and the handling of adulterated food. The Stearns County resident is an organic egg producer who picked up and delivered raw milk and other products to Minneapolis area residents.

After his Hennepin County win, Schlangen explained his program to Food Safety News readers: “We were all members, by private contract, of a small local club that had a legal private lease of all of the animals of this chosen Amish dairy, chicken and hog farm. The farmer could not manage this farm without our support and we could not have the quality of food that we demand, without the mutually beneficial trust.”

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