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Real Raw Milk Facts


Raw Milk Laws & Regulations

Retail Sale of Raw Milk Allowed?
Other Sale of Raw Milk Allowed
Yes - on farm sales of raw milk allowed with limitations on promotion of such sale.
K.S.A. 65-771.
Raw milk bacterial count < 100K/mL. Kan. Admin. Regs. 4-7-6. Farm sales of raw milk may not be promoted beyond sign on premises, which must identify milk as raw.

Raw Milk Bills & Related Legislation

2013-2014 Legislative Session

Bill: SB 146

Relates to agriculture; relates to changing the definition of "on-farm retail sales of milk or milk products". Deletes provisions that would prohibit sellers of on-farm retail sales of raw milk products from promoting the sale of raw milk except by posting a sign on the premises.

Pending: Senate Agriculture Committee

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Real Life Dangers of
Raw Milk

Several families offered to share their stories on video to help raise awareness about the potential risks and negative effects on health from drinking contaminated raw milk.