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Real Raw Milk Facts

South Carolina

Raw Milk Laws & Regulations

Retail Sale of Raw Milk Allowed?
Other Sale of Raw Milk Allowed
Yes. Allows sale of raw milk both on and off the farm and at a farmers’ market if a permit is obtained. Farmers must provide retail stores with a warning plaque to be displayed in front of the raw milk.
SC ADC 61-34.
Unlawful for anyone without a permit to manufacture, sell, or give away raw milk. Must be clearly labeled as raw with statement indicating milk has not been pasteurized. Farms must be inspected prior to production and every 3 months after production begins. Bacterial count < 10K/mL, coliform < 10/g, zero presence of pathogenic organisms.

Raw Milk Bills & Related Legislation

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Real Life Dangers of
Raw Milk

Several families offered to share their stories on video to help raise awareness about the potential risks and negative effects on health from drinking contaminated raw milk.